For victims of the Christchurch terror attacks

If you or a family member has an injury or bereavement from the terror attack in Christchurch, you can apply to ACC for support.

ACC is a no-fault injury compensation scheme that covers everyone in New Zealand, including visitors to New Zealand if they are injured while they are here.

ACC has a dedicated free phone number for victims and their families to call to get information and support relating to death, injury, and entitlements – 0800 080 273

You can also get information on ACC’s website which has news and information sheets in several languages to explain entitlements and the process for making a claim; click here for more details

We would encourage you to get in touch with ACC if you consider you may need their support.

You can also call our free phone 0800 486 466 and talk to one of our Workplace Injury advocates if you would like some independent advice about a potential ACC claim.