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The CTU [email protected] network was set up in 2000 as the Council of Trade Union’s network for lesbian, gay, takataapui, bisexual, intersex, transgender and fa’afafine union members.

Out at Work meets four times a year either by video conference or by a face to face meeting in Wellington, and comprises formal representatives from affiliated unions.  Any interested union members and/or delegates are welcome to attend.

Each affiliated union to the NZCTU can appoint a representative to the [email protected] Council although a number choose not to.  Each union is responsible for its own selection process and they then notify the Council who their person is.  Nominations are for a two-year period and usually occur after the Bi-ennial [email protected] Kamp. Our Biennial Kamp helps set the workplan for the two-years until the next Kamp.

We also have a presence on Facebook.


Julie Douglas – TEU

Deb Chappell – NZNO

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